HP 45W USB Type-C Power Adapter Original


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  • Model: HP
  • Output: 5V~2A/ 12V~3A/15V ~3A
  • Input: 100-240v
  • Power: 45W

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HP 45W USB Type-C Power Adapter Original

This HP Power is compatible with The adapter comes with Spectre x2 12-a0xx; HP Pavilion x2 10-n1xx; Pavilion x2 10-n0xx and HP notebook or tablet with USB-C connector with max 15V/3A DC input. The USB Type-C adapter comes with 06 months of warranty.

An AC adapter, AC/DC adapter, or AC/DC converter is a type of external power supply, often enclosed in a case similar to an AC plug. Other common names include wall wart, power brick, wall charger, and power adapter. Adapters for battery-powered equipment may be described as chargers or rechargers (see also battery charger).

AC adapters are used with electrical devices that require power but do not contain internal components to derive the required voltage and power from mains power. The internal circuitry of an external power supply is very similar to the design that would be used for a built-in or internal supply.

External power supplies are used both with equipment with no other source of power and with battery-powered equipment, where the supply, when plugged in, can sometimes charge the battery in addition to powering the equipment.

A host controller connects a computer to a peripheral device, such as a storage device, network, or human interface device. As a host controller can also be viewed as bridging the protocols used on the buses between peripheral and computer, and internally to the computer.



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