Corsair XTM50 High-Performance Thermal Paste


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  • MPN: CT-9010002-WW
  • Model: XTM50
  • Thermal Impedance: 0.009°C -in²/W
  • Thermal Conductivity: 5.0 W/mK
  • Specific Gravity: 2.7g/cm3
  • Viscosity: 2300K cPs

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Corsair XTM50 High-Performance Thermal Paste

The Corsair XTM50 High-Performance Thermal Paste is made with a premium zinc oxide-based thermal compound which allows for optimum thermal performance. This solution helps to improve the heat transfer and also lowers the temperature greatly. The Corsair thermal paste has an ultra-low thermal impedance that helps to keep the CPU core temperature low. The low-viscosity XTM50 allows for an easy fit into microscopic gaps and channels that help in peak thermal transfer. The XTM50 has a high-stability fluid compound that is able to last for many years without drying, cracking, or having any change to its consistency. The thermal paste has non-conductive and has zero volatile substance in its core ingredients.



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