Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 3+2+C Cooling Fan


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  • Model: AntecPrizm 120 ARGB 3 2 C
  • Hydraulic Bearing
  • Shock-Absorbing Pads
  • Addressable RGB LED Lighting
  • 18 Independent RGB LED Beads

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Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 3 2 C Cooling Fan

The Prizm ARGB series case fans come in 120 mm and feature a dual-ring aperture design, which allows you to display RGB effects on both sides of the assembly. Enjoy nearly 16.8 million customized RGB colors and effects through compatibility with top-end motherboard manufacturers. Each LED bead can emit a variety of lighting colors to enrich your vision. There are up to 16.8 million colors and coordinate your own custom schemes for endless variety. Fan speed automatically adjusts according to temperature, effectively reducing system noise while achieving excellent heat dissipation. With the set of 3 fans, you are also getting 2 ARGB LED Lighting Strips and a Controller too to control the lighting system of your PC together.

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