Lian Li Galahad 360mm Closed Loop AIO Liquid CPU Cooler (Black)


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  • Model: Lian Li Galahad 360mm CPU Cooler
  • Removable Magnetic Aluminium Cap
  • High Static Pressure Fans
  • Triple-Chamber Structure
  • Aluminium Shields on Both Sides

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Lian Li Galahad 360mm Closed-Loop AIO Liquid CPU Cooler (Black)

The Lian Li Galahad 360mm CPU Cooler has two different looks to match the interior configuration. The 47 addressable RGB LEDs embedded in the GALAHAD 360 (35 LEDs in the GALAHAD 240) ensure brighter and more complex lighting effects.

The GALAHAD AIO is compatible with most mainstream motherboard software, allowing users to create a synchronized system with ease. Through the included controller, switching between 17 lighting effects is a breeze. The CPU block pump features an aluminum housing to adorn your build with an exquisite metallic touch.

The CPU block can be rotated to ensure a properly aligned logo no matter what the orientation of the block is. Both sides of the radiator feature an exquisite brushed aluminum shield, which not only serves as protection for the radiator, ensuring a higher level of durability but also adds an understated metal elegance to your builds.

The all-new GALAHAD series features a state-of-the-art triple-chamber pump design that combines the pump chamber, the connecting chamber, and the cold plate chamber into one unit to significantly reduce the friction produced by the coolant’s rapid flow. This design also serves as a protection mechanism to prevent your system from leaking should the CPU block pump be damaged.

The M.C.T. design separates the hot and cool liquid flow by conveying them into different, sealed water passages, significantly enhancing the heat exchange efficiency and extending the lifespan of the CPU block pump by preventing the hot liquid from flowing back.

The radiator encompasses 12 rows of aluminum tubes, allowing a maximum amount of liquid to pass through and transfer the heat out of the system efficiently. And thanks to the high-density fin folds between the aluminum tubes, the surface area providing heat dissipation is significantly increased.

The GALAHAD AIO is equipped with a set of high static pressure fans for extreme cooling, ensuring immediate heat dissipation as the hot liquid passes through the radiator’s fins. In addition to providing cool air for the radiator, the high static pressure fans are capable of maintaining a low noise level while in operation.

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