Redragon CC-2000 Effect RGB Air CPU Cooler


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  • Model: CC-2000 Effect
  • 4-PIN PWM Silent Fan
  • Direct Touched Heat bridge
  • 4 Pure Copper Heat Pipes
  • Easy Installation and Larger Lifespan

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Redragon CC-2000 Effect RGB Air CPU Cooler

Redragon CC-2000 Effect RGB Air CPU Cooler delivers a constant and quiet airflow with a cooling capacity that allows you to play, render and demand the maximum. Also, it has RGB lighting.

Maximum Conductivity with Superior Ventilation

This CPU cooler has four 6mm copper tubes designed to ensure maximum efficiency in the transfer of heat from the paste to the airflow generated by the fan. The premium quality of this critical component is the secret to the CPU cooler’s high efficiency.

This cooler has a 4 PIN Connector PWM Silent Fan which automatically controls the fan speed according to the temperature of the CPU efficiently and decreases fan noise. The Direct touched heat pipes attach the aluminum cold plate to the surface of a CPU directly.

This can constantly reduce the heat bypassing the thermal energy of every single fin. There are a total of 4 Pure Copper Heat Pipes. This high thermal conductivity can take the heat out of the CPU quickly. Redragon CC-2000 CPU Cooler virtuous cycle of refrigeration is completed with the fan, which reaches up to 1700 RPM.

This allows it to generate an airflow of up to 61.5 cubic feet per minute, which produces enough heat dissipation from the enclosure to the outside to allow optimal microprocessor performance in demanding situations.

RGB LED Lighting

We all know that good LED lighting, for some incomprehensible reason, makes us compete better. For this reason, the Redragon CC-2000 Effect incorporates an RGB-led lighting system that will light up your war machine as it deserves.

It has a Redragon CC-2000 Effect RGB Air CPU Cooler with 1 year of warranty.


Key Features
Type CPU Cooler
Fan Speed 1700 RPM
Noise 28 dBa
Air Pressure 35.4 CFM
Connector 4 Pin PWM
LED Number 7
Material Plastic fan casing copper heat tube and Alumiminium CPU heat plate
Physical Specification
Dimension 120 x 76 x 160 mm
Weight 861 gm
Supported Sockets
Intel LGA 775 to LGA 115x model Socket supported
AMD AMD FM1 to AM4 sockets supported
Warranty Information
Warranty 01 Year



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