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ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity 24GB GDDR6X Gaming Graphics Card


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  • Model: GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity 24GB GDDR6X
  • 2nd Gen Ray Tracing Cores, 3rd Gen Tensor Cores
  • NVLink Ready
  • IceStorm 2.0 Advanced Cooling
  • Active Fan Control, FREEZE Fan Stop

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ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity 24GB GDDR6X Gaming Graphics Card

The new ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 30 Series introduces HoloBlack, inspiring electroplated workmanship on a translucent flourish. A unique design embracing an iridescent holographic finish that will captivate the eye with the shifts of color across the spectrum in stillness.

This new Graphics card is based on the Ampere architecture and designed to handle the graphical demands of 8K gaming and high frame rates, the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity Graphics Card brings the power of real-time ray tracing and AIl to your PC games.

The ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity features 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM and a 384-bit memory interface, offering improved performance and power efficiency over the previous Turing-based generation.

In this Graphics card, the front panel of the card features a variety of outputs, such as DisplayPort 1.4a and HDMI 2.1 that supports up to 48 Gb/s bandwidth and a range of higher resolutions and refresh rates, including 8K @ 60fps, 4K @ 120fps, and even up to 10K.

The RTX 3090 is not just about high-resolution gaming. Computationally intensive programs can utilize the GPU’s 10496 cores to accelerate tasks using CUDA and other APIs. For cooling, ZOTAC implemented the IceStorm 2.0 advanced cooling system.

Built for wider coverage, the triple fans feature 11 blades to increase airflow by up to 10%. In this Graphics card, the aluminum fin-stack array heatsink is paired with up to seven copper heat pipes to extract more heat and distribute it more efficiently.

An improved heat pipe layout increases direct GPU contact in a more densely packed space. FREEZE Fan Stop automatically stops fans when the GPU is idle, reducing wear and tear on the fans and enabling efficient, quieter cooling.

Active Fan Control lets you have more control over the fans using ZOTAC GAMING FireStorm software. SPECTRA 2.0 provides dynamic RGB lighting, allowing you to customize the color and lighting pattern, also in the ZOTAC GAMING FireStorm software.

The new ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity 24GB GDDR6X Gaming Graphics Card has 03 years warranty (2 Years Warranty available if registered online within 28 days of Purchase) Total warranty:- 3 2 ( after reg.) = Total 5 year.

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