Redragon RGPS GC-PS001 500W 80 Plus Bronze Non-Modular Power Supply


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  • Model: GC-PS001
  • Stable Power Supply
  • 80Plus Bronze certification
  • 140mm diameter fan
  • Over Voltage Protection

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Redragon RGPS GC-PS001 500W 80 Plus Bronze non-modular power supply

Redragon power supplies provide the ideal balance of price and performance. Redragon GC-PS001 500W 80 Plus Bronze non-modular power supply is another fine example of this. This 500W 80 Plus Bronze non-modular power supply switching power supply with PCI-Express Power Connectors. It also supports SLI and Cross-fire Systems. It has a Single plus 12V output rail which offers maximum compatibility for demand.


Certified non-modular Power supply

Redragon GC-PS001 500W Non-modular power supply has an 80 PLUS Bronze Certification. This ensures maximum energy efficiency and minimal heat production. The energy efficiency is around 85% and the typical input voltage is 100V to 240V.


The Frequency Range is 47Hz to 63Hz with 10A at 100VAC and 10A at 240VAC Input Current. The load Range supported is 3.3V at 15Amp, plus 5V at 22Amp. It also has an I/O switch. It can deliver a plus 12V at 50A; minus 12V at 0.3Amp and 5VSB at 2.5A with a plus 12V Rail.


This power supply also comes with built-in comprehensive protection functions like Over Voltage Protection(OVP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), Short Circuit Protection(SCP), and Over Load Protection(OLP). With a 140mm ultra-quiet cooling fan; The fan ensures enhanced airflow. With premium circuits and Japan-made main capacitors, It has a lasting durable build.


These capacitors also have a longer lifespan than regular electrolytic capacitors. it is a non-modular PSU with an easy installation and cable management Option to reduce clutter. It also has Low-profile nylon sleeve cables for professional cable management build.

Drive and Power Specifications

Redragon GC-PS001 power supply has an ATX Connector with 20 plus 4 pins. The ATX Connector has a 4 plus 4 pin with 12V voltage capacity. The PSU has 4 graphics Connectors of 6 plus 2 pins. It also supports the older Molex Connector and has 3 of them. but apart from all that This PSU has 6 SATA Connectors with active PFC.


Physical Specification

The dimension of this power supply is 160 x 150 x 86 mm. This Power Supply’s weight is 2.20kg.
Redragon GC-PS001 power supply has a warranty of 2 Years



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