Xiaomi Mi TWSEJ07LS Basic 2S True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Black


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  • MPN: BHR4273GL
  • Model: Mi TWSEJ07LS Basic 2S
  • Single Ear Mode
  • Fast Connection
  • In-ear Detection
  • Type-C Charging Port

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Xiaomi Mi TWSEJ07LS Basic 2S True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Black

In terms of design, the Mi TWS Earbuds Basic 2S haven’t changed too much. We still have here an Earbud design completely wrapped in black. Only the back, where the button is usually located, is now a glossy touch surface. Not much actually changes in terms of weight, they are said to weigh only 0.2 g more, which most wearers probably won’t be able to notice. However, there are innovations in the charging options and battery capacity. Not only do the Earbuds now charge with USB-C (USB-C fanatic Alex is happy), but the charging box now has 600 mAh instead of 300 mAh. Thus, you can probably charge the headphones a whole two times more. Once again, 7.2 mm dynamic drivers are used here, which we already had in the Redmi AirDots 2. So we can assume a similar sound here. However, we now also find a gaming mode here, which is supposed to significantly reduce the latency of the headphones. Thus, games and videos should have a much better sound-image synchronization. A completely new feature is the touch control of the headphones, which replaces the previous button control. You can use it to pause playback, accept/reject a call, activate a voice assistant or turn on the game mode. There is no mention of skipping tracks or changing the volume, but this was also not available in the predecessor. Additionally, there is now also a wear detection, which pauses the playback when you take off the headphones and accordingly also starts again when you put them on. A feature that is not really present in the low-price segment. A pop-up is also supposed to pop up on current MIUI devices, where you can see the current battery status of the headphones and charging box.



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