1STPLAYER FK2 Gaming Chair Black & Blue


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  • Model: FK2
  • One-Piece Style All-Steel Frame
  • High-Quality Racing Seat Leather
  • Ergonomic Support
  • Wide Angle Lying Support

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1STPLAYER FK2 Gaming Chair Black & Blue

The latest FK2 Gaming Chair Black & Blue Dedicated to improving gamers’ gaming experience, They expand the product line to a gaming chair. This FK2 featured PVC, High-Density Foam & Cut Foam materials. With the latest model, FK2, gamers can sit and conquer the game with comfort and top performance.

This Brand new 1STPLAYER FK2 Gaming Chair featured with One-Piece Style All-Steel Frame, High-Quality Racing Seat Leather, Ergonomic Support, Wide Angle Lying Support, and Mute And Wear Resistant Racing Wheels. This gaming chair comes with an Ergonomic design, that helps to Stable Output Even After Sitting For A Long Time. Its body curve is designed and is matched with a headrest waist cushion combination to effectively relieve back pressure, allowing players to focus more on the game and perform to the fullest. In this gaming chair, the racing adjustment lever is able to pull up and recline, freely adjustable. This kind of design can help gamers to lie down easily, with 90-170° flexible adjustment, with the assistance of 25° free and easy function. The gaming chair also comes with 2.5MM Explosion-Proof Chassis, which ensures Safe and worry-free Protection technology, and passed BIFMA standard test. It is an International Quality gaming chair.

It has High Load-Bearing Five Claws, that are stable and durable Static pressure can bear 1136kg, passed BIFMA standard test. Here, Soft PU Wrapped Racing Wheel is available, which is Silent and wear-resistant 98000 times sliding durability adjustment tested. This brand new 1STPLAYER FK2 Gaming Chair is a TIN-certified gas rod Sealed gas chamber, pure nitrogen, and tube wall thickness, and also it is tested By Professional Safety Agencies. The gaming chair has no warranty.