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Dareu EH722X Diamond Cut Design Gaming Headset


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  • Model: EH722X
  • Diamond Ear Cover Design
  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Hose-type barley Microphone
  • 50mm Dynamic Driver

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Dareu EH722X Diamond Cut Design Gaming Headset

The Dareu EH722X Gaming Headset comes with a high-fidelity 50mm speaker unit, the output is stable, the sound quality is clear and thorough, and the high-sounding unit of the enthusiast-level is matched with the independent sound chamber design, which restores the details, reduces the sound distortion, and makes the sound positioning more precise and clear. The EH722X adopts a hose microphone, which can be adjusted at any angle. It not only allows users to easily talk when wearing, but even in the fierce game, they can talk to their teammates in real-time. It has 6 different cut planes, with cool ice blue light, which makes the light shine through the two colors. The process of injection molding forms the effect of diamonds. The headphones have grasped the weight of the whole earphone at the beginning of design. The large ear shell with a diameter of 100mm is designed to weigh less than 280g. For a head-mounted luminous earphone, lightweight wearing is a very comfortable experience. We will create a new trend of wearing luminous headphones. It has no warranty.