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MotoSpeed V30 Wired RGB Gaming Mouse


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  • Model: MotoSpeed V30
  • Ergonomics engineering design
  • Antiskid leather texture design
  • 3500 dpi game level optical engine
  • RGB backlit

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MotoSpeed V30 Wired Game Mouse

The MotoSpeed V30 Wired Gaming Mouse is designed with Ergonomics engineering principle design. It has an RGB backlighting and antiskid leather texture design to look more stylish and attractive for gamers. This mouse has a few Macro-program buttons that allow you to adjust them to your liking.

The overall dpi of this mouse is 3500 which helps game-level precision through the optical engine. The 4 core shielding woven magnetic cable helps to protect the cable from tearing and ripping and makes it more durable. There are 6 DPI modes which are 500?750?1000?1500?2000 and 3500.

An optical mouse is a computer mouse that uses a light source and light detection system to sense movement or movement on an object’s surface or changes in direction and displays cursor movements on the computer display accordingly.

Usually, LEDs are used as light sources, and photodiodes are used for light detection. It is used as an alternative to a mechanical mouse or trackball mouse. A mechanical mouse uses a rotating device, usually a ball, to determine the direction and location of movement.

RGB backlight, Antiskid leather texture design, Macro-program buttons, 3500 dpi game level precision optical engine. RGB Backlit Wired Gaming Mouse, Ergonomics engineering principle design, Super wear resistance Teflon mat, Five core shielding is woven magnetic cable

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