Aplus Plus5E-650R4 650 VA Line Interactive UPS


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  • Model: Plus5E-650R4
  • Capacity: 650VA/325W
  • Voltage: 220V/230/240Vac
  • UPS will shut down upon battery low
  • Over / under voltage protection

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Aplus Plus5E-650R4 650 VA Line Interactive UPS

Aplus Plus5E-650R4 650 VA Line Interactive UPS is operated by a state-of-the-art microprocessor, which guarantees high dependability. A 2-step boost & 1-step buck AVR stabilizes the output voltage of this up.



It has a USB port and computer software for controlling UPS status (Optional). Without utilizing any external AC power, the UPS may be started using its built-in DC start capability. It is a charger for batteries with a steady current and voltage (CCCV Battery Charger).


Even when the power switch is off, this UPS will continue to charge (Off mode charging). When the battery is low, the Aplus Plus5E-650R4 650 will shut down; the UPS will automatically restart when the AC is restored (Auto-restart). protection from over- and Undervoltage (UPS will go to battery mode). Its simple battery replacement mechanism and 175 joules of lightning/surge protection.

The Plus5E Series 600VA to 2000VA provides guaranteed battery backup power during an outage and unsafe fluctuation, along with full protection from damaging surges and spikes. A unique battery compartment makes it easy, fast, and money-saving to change the battery.


Featuring 600VA to 2000VA integrated with a microprocessor controller, voltage stabilizer, LED indicators, and battery easy replacement in a stand-alone unit, Plus5E Series UPS is the best choice to protect your data and keep you connected during utility blackout.


The Aplus Plus5E-650R4 650 VA Line Interactive UPS comes with a 02-year warranty.