Samsung T5500 43 Inch FHD Smart Television


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  • Model: T5500
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Smart Hub & One Remote Control
  • Multiple Voice Assistants
  • Home cloud & Auto Hotspot

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Samsung T5500 43 Inch FHD Smart Television

Samsung T5500 43 Inch FHD Smart Television is an excellent choice if you want a good quality smart TV with a variety of advanced features. This TV is also a good option in case you want to enjoy Popular content Hubs like Youtube, Netflix, Your favorite TV programs and movies get real. The rich and vivid Full HD resolution with twice the resolution of HD TV. You can access various content with one remotely via the smart Hub & One Remote Control. It’s all you need to discover tons of different content in one place and get maximum enjoyment. The sleek One Remote Control keeps it simple, allowing you to Choose whatever voice assistant you are used to. Samsung T5500 43 Inch FHD Smart TV has Multiple Voice Assistants. You can choose your favorite voice assistant; Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. For the first time, all are built into your Samsung TV to provide the optimal entertainment experience and advanced control in your connected home. quickly search all your favorite content from your set-top box to game console & apps. The Samsung Smart TV can turn into a full-fledged computer to put you in charge. You can choose to work from the cloud, mirror your laptop for a big-screen convenience or remotely access your office computer when you need to work on an unfinished file. With Smart TV’s Content Guide, there are just so many shows to choose from. Our Content Guide recommends popular shows and content tailored just for you, meaning you can watch more of what you love. The new Samsung Smart TV offers a completely new visual experience to your playlist. It turns your TV into a virtual music system that appears in 3 different color tones. Now, all your beats will sound and look better. The new Auto Hotspot feature automatically turns on the Internet on the TV through your mobile. The Home Cloud hash feature lets you save your most important files to the Samsung Smart TV, wireless and automatically. Thus, helping you free space on your mobile and keeping your data safe at home. Enjoy free live streaming TV content with our virtual channels, Samsung TV Plus. Choose from a variety of channels offering content for all interests that are currently in trend. No need to ask your friend which content is hot these days. Just tune in to Samsung TV Plus and find out. You can check your social media, learn new things and read your favorite blogs. If there’s something you like on the internet, the smart browser will bring it to you. It is possible to let your smartphone and Smart TV work together to maximize your entertainment. Play your music and videos on the big screen to make it come alive or shift your content to your phone for personal enjoyment. the featured High-Dynamic Range levels up the bright expression of your TV, so you can enjoy an immense spectrum of colors and visual details, even in dark scenes. PurColor makes watching videos feel almost like you’re there. It enables the TV to express a huge range of colors for optimal picture performance, and an immersive viewing experience. Ultra Clean View delivers high-quality images with less distortion, utilizing an advanced algorithm to analyze original content and deliver improved detail. Contrast Enhancer brings flat images to life by adjusting the contrast, offering outstanding picture quality with deeper depth.
Samsung T5500 43 Inch FHD Smart Television offers NO Warranty.



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